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7 Mar 2015

Brand’s Creative Director, Aurora? James (Aurora James) that this is the first time they launch the African style of sandal, Kenya trip gave her great inspiration, thus the shoe series is integrated into the Marseille style. At the same time, during the process of manufacturing shoes, discarded tires as a raw material to make shoes, practicing with the action of environmental protection. PUMA today unveiled Tricks combat boots, boots the new interpretation of evoPOWER and evoSPEED a new colour, both pink and blue boots used different color design, many world-class players will wear it battle in 2014 Brazil World Cup. PUMATricks boots available and its unique design representing a game players a firm belief, and will inspire the players the maximum potential to create womens new balance 990 an unprecedented success. With immediate effect, including Mario Balotelli, and saisikefabuleijiasi, saierjiaoakuiluo, maerkeluoyisi, ladameierfaerkao, aoliweierjilu, jianluyijibufengheyayatulei many PUMA signed World Cup players will wear the boots. PUMATricks with its unique design and PUMA football campaign “TheNatureofBelieving” important elements, power of belief is sport at its core. Tricks boots players have strong conviction, they not only stand out on the Court, will also create miracles, qingshiliuming.

Spain midfielder saisikefabuleijiasi on brand new boots, the World Cup champion team members commented: “like all Spain national team players to participate in Brazil’s World Cup made me excited, this boot design express our feelings at the moment. Beginning in January of this year I wore evoPOWER boots go on the racetrack, to tell the truth, this is indeed a great sneakers. We firmly believe themselves capable of remarkable achievements in the World Cup, I am very pleased that all these colorful boots while I fought the whole Brazil World Cup match. “Argentina national team star forward saierjiaoakuiluo commented:” to stand out on the Court and I am very happy, I usually use scoring to express themselves, but to play safe and fitted with this eye-catching pair of football boots can also be focused on the field. Just kidding, I really fell in love with this evoSPEED crazy color scheme. Can’t wait to get to Brazil, I believe that this war would become an important time in my career. “From Italy’s Mario Balotelli added the national team:” to be honest, when I first saw the Tricks boots, I think PUMA friends crazy. But when I realized that this is not a joke, I jumped with excitement. EvoPOWER looks very cool, of these special design rarely seen in the world. This is the reason I chose the PUMA boots, they dare to break out of the ordinary, and that’s my style.

Evergo Wenzhou shoe industry limited company is replaced as a “Czech” computerized sewing machine. The relevant person in charge of the company, “said Czech” computerized sewing machine using a servo motor with your sewing machine, can save a lot. At the same time, auto-trimming function, let the staff reduction process, productivity increased by about 10%. Germany winger maerkeluoyisi said: “in the last game, both the left and the right foot, I scored a lot of goals, who knows in Brazil at the World Cup, I’ll use either foot to score. But for me the most important thing is to be able to help the team to achieve good results in the World Cup. This is a trip to the World Cup for the first time in my career to represent Germany teams made me feel very proud. We are full of new balance 579 mens confidence to win the game, I believe will be able to ‘ Titan Cup ‘ back to the motherland. “This shoe series incorporating many Magritte paintings, such as Sheherazade (Scheherazade) and of the crit (The Blow to the Heart). From the lifelike figure of face pattern, slightly sad in rose petals, each shoe gives a kaleidoscope, unique feel of dream magic, can be described as unique. May 20, so that color/style of shoes on the feet too monotonous? Instagram and adidas recently launched personalized customization service can meet you. Instagram and adidas recently posted an ad to publicize ZX Flux sneakers Adidas Photo Print application developed by. Starting from August this year, the application allows people to upload cell phone pictures, manufacturer’s pictures will be printed on the new sneakers.




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