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7 Mar 2015

In order to keep up with the orders, the huge group has purchased more than 20 computer laser machine, and 10 new sewing assembly lines, upgrading the sewing machine to the computer more than half the ordinary sewing machine. It is understood that the “technical innovation”, the giant group of sewing assembly line production efficiency by 30%, the quality of the product qualification rate reached 89.2%. Leather shoe-making machinery branch of China light industry machinery Association Secretary-General Wang Dan has said that after nearly 20 years of imitation, assimilation and absorption, leather mechanical shoemaking machinery industry in China in accordance with China’s national conditions, application of new technologies, new materials, new balance 1300 uk development and design, creating more categories of shoe-making equipment and manufacturing level has increased. At present, the domestic machinery manufacturer in the production of leather tanning equipment range, has good mechanical and technological properties, working width and carrying capacity are already normalized, serialization, can meet cattle, pigs, sheep and other kinds of leather tannery production requirements. Shoe making machinery-basic coverage process on each link, full with whole plant export capacity. Two major categories of machinery and equipment related to productivity, human-machine relationship, ability to handle emergencies and other aspects of configuration, high levels of main models to achieve international standards of the late 90 ’s for the leather footwear industry, provides economical and reasonable, the application of production equipment, promotes the development of leather footwear.

“Before, our company got the 50lai computerized sewing machine sewing machine company limited trial in Taichung, they send the installation of specialist training to the staff. Now, employees use, generally reflect the speed and efficiency by 10%, especially multi-layer while sewing, stained the upper formation, needles and even. At present, the practical effect is also very good. “Dragons in Wenzhou shoe industry limited company Liu Yongsong, head of production said. Reporter understanding to, currently, Wenzhou of big lung, and Wenzhou oujiang River, and Bunda shoes machine, and Hongye fine machine, and Royal Flush machinery, and wenling Kang Dali system shoes machinery; Jiangsu of China British shoes machine, and developed shoes machine, and constant far shoes machine; Guangdong of meaning Lee system shoes machinery, and qifeng system shoes machinery, and Kyushu machinery, and sea wing are shoes machine; Jinjiang of in the Thai shoes machine shoes material development limited, and Jinjiang eight up shoes clothing equipment factory, and Shenzhen kaijia machinery limited, enterprise are in products technology, and production management and the market sales Shang the with features, Even some products in the industry-leading level. May 15, according to Elle Magazine Web site reported on May 11, the new tidal licensing Brother Vellies introduced unique African style of summer footwear series, the perfect combination of fashion and tradition. In order to enhance the flexibility of sneakers, Climacool ballerina puremotion outsole design with a wider and deeper bending Groove, and fitfoam consistent with foot silhouette design memory foam PU footbed design, tailored to meet the fit and feeling, and provides natural long lasting comfort. Climacool ballerina shoes weighing less than five ounces (4.8 ounces), was developed the lightest ever adidas Golf women’s golf shoes, easy to pack and carry on travelling.

As early as in January 2013, the brand launched the African character of footwear, to inheritance of old African shoe technology. At that time, the brand is with South Africa a shoe manufacturer in cooperation, and the cooperation extended to Kenya, to create fully fashion texture of denim beach shoes, whether traditional or a sandal with Springbok hair design, each with a rich native African atmosphere. Adidas golf as an industry-leading and innovation, technology and performance golf footwear manufacturers, recently announced that it will launch a new Climacool ballerina ladies golf shoes, this ultra lightweight shoes designed for seeking shoes versatile, wild style, and providing outstanding golf course designed by active golfers. In order to successfully create a dual can new balance 577 uk pitch appearance and stylish lightweight sneakers, adidas Golf shoes designer super lightweight materials, with ballet shoes from fashion inspired mesh uppers combined reinforcing structure to enhance stability throughout the swing. “Women are always looking for something stylish and unique. “Adidas golf footwear mansendannisen, Director of global marketing (Masun Denison) said,” this will enable us to effectively inject high performance design and ultra lightweight products, with exceptional performance both inside and outside the pitch are the challenges that we face, Climacool ballerina available we obtained a great success in this area.




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